Tuesday, February 17, 2009

'Casablanca Lily' by Amy Stewart--SOLD

I have one crazy Casablanca lily in my garden that grows to 6 feet tall every August. Last summer I cut it and brought it inside for a photo session. I'm just now getting around to painting from those photos! Actually, it's nice to paint summer flowers in the middle of winter--keeps me warm.

This is one of three Casablanca paintings I did--the other two are the same size and format, and I'll post them in the next couple of weeks.


6 x 6 inch oil on board. If you're interested in buying it, just post a comment and be sure to include a way to contact you, or e-mail me directly at amy at amy stewart dot com. You can pay by PayPal/credit card, check, or money order. Shipping is $5 within the United States. International shipping runs $10-$15 depending on the country--please ask.

I did this one on 1/2 inch thick fiberboard, which is really nice and easy to hang. The board has a notch in the back that allows you to hang it on a nail with no additional hardware. The sides are painted black, so it's ready to hang as-is, or it can be framed in a standard, ready-made frame.


  1. I will not see this go without comment. I just care too much when I see something that makes me stop everything and look. This was one of those. Love it. ~R

  2. Amy, my goodness gracious, this is just lovely!