Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Slanted Speakeasy" by Amy Stewart--SOLD

So here's something you just have to know about Humboldt County. There are no straight lines here. Nothing stands upright. Perfect right angles? Forget it. A doorway that is actually the same shape as the door you've bought to hang in it? Doesn't exist.

Try setting a marble down on the floor anywhere in my house. It will roll. Fast. In the direction of my sinking foundation.

Now try to get an easel to stand up straight on a crooked floor, and then get your reference photo to stand up straight on the little board it's clipped to, and then try standing up straight yourself and actually putting squares and rectangles inside of other squares and rectangles in a way that is somewhat geometrically correct.

This is all an elaborate defense of the fact that this painting, of a crooked doorway on a slanted street in the East Village, is itself crazily crooked and weird. I swear I didn't see it until I photographed it and looked at it on my computer screen, where squares are squares and rectangles are rectangles.

I called it "Speakeasy" because it may or may not be the entrance to one of New York's many lovely hidden bars and lounges. I loved the bare bulbs and all those rich mysterious reds. I certainly want to go in there and have a drink. But now I think "Slanted Speakeasy" may be a better name for it. Nothing in New York stands perfectly upright, either.

Anyway. Buy it now for $40. Shipping is $5 in US or $10-15 international. Post a comment if you're interested or email amy at amy stewart dot com. This is 8 x 10 inch on panel. Cheers!

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  1. A mysterious slant on a nocturne, very nice!