Friday, February 5, 2010

'Kitty Demo' by RK Schlueter


Lost Coast Daily Painters as seen on news channel 3
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Oil on 6"x6" panel. Yesterday local news channel 3 came up to my studio to do an interview with Lost Coast Daily Painters in celebration of our one year anniversary launching our blog. I started this little painting demonstration as they filmed, the interview went well and can be seen this Friday at 5,6 and 11 Eureka. Thanks to everyone for supporting this creative project.


  1. I love this Kitten Rachel. It was fun to see you start it, then see the end result. KO

  2. wow! what a wonderful painting Rachel! Terry and Jim

  3. Thanks,so nice to know you've enjoyed the kitty image, this one is a special celebration.

  4. what a cute kitty!

    i don't have tv, so i went to this link
    to see the interview - unfortunately, the only voice that can be heard is the newsperson's! do you guys have a link to a better copy?

    and congrats on yr 1 yr anniversary!

  5. not yet-we are working on it now. Thanks for your good wishes!