Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Pulp Mill" by Amy Stewart--SOLD

This one is not going on eBay--it's going in the pulp mill show at Eureka Books this weekend. The pulp mill is such a fixture in our landscape, sitting out on the edge of the bay, that every artist seems to get around to painting it eventually. The mill's future is uncertain at this point--it's been bought, sold, closed--and remains idle right now while discussions continue about its future. You might think that we would all hate having such an industrial factory on our shoreline, but the fact is that Eureka is a timber and fishing community, and we're used to seeing evidence of the "real work" that goes into producing fence boards or crab cakes.

And we thought that a bookstore would be the perfect place to hold the show. After all, pulp gets made into paper, and paper gets made into books. It looks like we'll even have a papermaking demonstration going on in the store, using actual pulp from a mill like this one.

The show opens during Arts Alive on Saturday March 6 from 6-9 pm, at 426 Second Street in Old Town, and runs through the month of March. You'll see other Lost Coast Daily Painters work in the show, as well as truly fine paintings from many of Humboldt's best artists. Hope to see you there!

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