Friday, May 28, 2010

'Coyote' by Katherine Treffinger

"I have lived in Humboldt twice. In 1979-82 I lived 5 miles
down a dirt road outside of Briceland, living off the grid. It
was the highlight of my adult life. I loved the lifestyle, the
sense of community and the countryside. I left and went to,
of all places, L.A. to go to massage school. From there I went
back to the San Francisco Bay Area, to Marin, my home turf.
I always yearned to return. Finally, in 1992 I tried to recapture
what I gave up and returned, living in Redway, where I became
a member of the Mateel Art Cooperative. It was here that I
met and became close friends with Rachel.

As much as Humboldt is a part of me, and it is in my blood,
I had to keep going. I left in 1994. Like Marin, Humboldt
continues to call to me and probably always will. For those
of you who call Humboldt your home you are very blessed.
Please swim in the Eel for me, or stare up at a Redwood or
visit the Lost Coast or many other wondrous places you can
visit and, please, think of me. Heck...... I'd settle for touching
the skin of a Madrone tree."
Katherine in Eastern Oregon (high desert/cowboy country)
We have plenty of Coyotes here.

"Coyote" Charcoal, conte, and gouache on paper. 22"x30"
(Original sold). Giclee print on Hahnemulle rag paper with
archival ink 22x30 $250 20x26 $195 18x24 $150
These prints turned out so beautifully that it is difficult to
see that they are prints. You want to touch them to see if the
charcoal will smear. They are printed on artist quality Hahnemulle
paper which is as lovely as the paper I drew the original drawings
on. The print is signed. If more than one is purchased at a time
the second is 1/2 off so find a friend and go in together. Shipping
is $12-20 depending how far from Oregon you are. I will combine
shipping also. Email me at


  1. love your coyote and love what you wrote - thanks for sharing, katherine!

  2. Thank you Linda it was fun doing this. Thank you to all of you for sharing your blog.

    Special thanks to Rachel for the invite!