Friday, August 6, 2010

Flyn Ryon, oil by RK Schlueter

7x10" oil on panel. I have been a participant in an on line portrait group called Julia Kay's Portrait Party, artists post images of themselves and we paint each others portraits there are thousands of artists from all over the world painting and posting daily as well as commenting and networking. This is a portrait that I found interesting his name is Flyn Ryon.
Julia Kay's Portrait Party
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  1. extraordinary, Rachel -- you got such brilliant and lively skin tones and I can really feel this fellow's personality. well done!

  2. Great portrait and thanks for the link to the party!
    FYI while his screen name is Flynryon his "real" name is Mike Ryon. And, err, only about 300 artists and soon to be 5000 portraits at the Portrait Party.
    All of which is beside the point of the beautiful way you use paint and the great composition and expression here.

  3. Julia, thank you so much, the portrait party has been a great source of inspiration. Some of the photos are killer. and the connections are really great, I'm going to make it in more often!!