Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Priceless" by Ralphie Hendrix

This painting entitled "Priceless" is actually a painting of Alderpoint Beach located in Alderpoint. And the reason it's titled that is because it is priceless. The people of the area flock to this beach during the hot summer days, of which there are many. The area was purchased by the locals to keep the beautiful beach from being sold off to someone that might fence off the area and exclude all of us who love it. This particular painting was taken as a photograph as I walked back up the hill with my family after a marvelous day spent cooling in the middle fork of the Eel River. The painting is about 5 X 7 framed in a matt black frame about 8 X 10 and is priced at $65. If you are interested in purchasing please click the highlighted Link