Sunday, October 10, 2010

FLORAL WITH ORANGE by Alicia Tredway

This watercolor is 6 3/4 x7 3/4 inches on cold press paper. My aim in this study was a fresh one pass effort and reflected light on white without overstating. To bid PRESS HERE Sold


  1. Your painting (as usual) is knock down gorgeous.

  2. Greetings - I am a huge fan of your painters and wanted to let you all know about the Richeson 75 competition for Small Works - there's a $2000 cash first prize and lots of merchandise gift certificate prizes. Deadline is 11/30/10. Prospectus is online at
    I know your members would fare well in the competition and finalists (as wel as meritorious entries) get published in our full color hardcover exhibit book, are displayed online and in our Wisconsin gallery (where it's our best-selling show in our quarterly series). I'd appreciate you passing this along to your members!
    Terry Stanley
    Director, Richeson 75 International Art Competitions

  3. So little to define form, yet you captured it. Just fresh and lovely!

  4. Susan Roux really said it! How do you do that? And this would go wonderfully with the two I already have. First I need to get them framed and on a wall. Love your work! :)

  5. How beautiful! Fascinating how you did a lot by making brilliant
    decisions on how to imply with out laying down the paint.