Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pink Rhododendrons by Andrew Daniel

Every year as the flowers start to bloom, I end up painting them, because I love the color and compositional opportunities that they bring. I also really enjoy the process of wandering around my community looking for inspiration! I'm particularly happy with this canvas because of the movement in the brush stoke, there is a certain raw kinetic energy to it.

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  1. Andrew! Beautiful! also..i saw your show at Humboldt Rugs...verrrrry nice!!

  2. Hi Andrew, what a stunning painting! Did I tell you I once was in a
    home where the owners, after purchasing a large floral by you, painted
    their living room and decorated based on the colors in your painting?
    The room was beautiful and looked like it had been done by a professional decorator. Needless to say, the painting was beautiful
    as well.

  3. Thanks for the compliments folks!

    Terry- Thank you for relaying that story. I had heard the story about the couple who had decorated their room around my painting, then I found myself at their new house just after they moved to Indianola Road. I was there buying a stove I had seen on craigslist. Then I looked up saw it and said. "Oh, nice painting!"