Sunday, January 9, 2011

"DRIFT BOAT" by Alicia Tredway

While painting along the Eel River at Tooby Park a drift boat appeared on the scene and I was able to get a quick photo.  This was about the second day after a big rain and the river was just barely fish-able.  They were in some rapids here but some nicer fishing holes were just ahead. The river is such a wonderful color in winter after a rain and is a natural complement to the red of the bare willows.  I used lots of palette knife work and it measures 8 x 10 inches on canvas panel.  1/29/11 Re-listed on eBay.  To bid CLICK HERE SOLD


  1. great painting Alicia! i love that glacial blue/green color of the water.

  2. What an impressive combination of composition, brush work, texture,
    and color all serving the subject so well. Beautiful Alicia!

  3. amazing piece,Great moment and emotion.