Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Log Pond At Arcata Marsh by Andrew Daniel

Log Pond At Arcata Marsh by Andrew Daniel 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm)

I have been really enjoying the muted colors at the Arcata Marsh lately. They are really challenging to paint because the colors tend to run together. I revisited this view twice to complete this painting. After scraping off the first attempt I I tried again the next day painting over the ghost image that was left on the panel. In order to make the scene work, I had to adopt a different painting technique, in which I layer contrasting colors over each other to get the atmospheric qualities of the bushes; first painting the shadow tones of the bush then layering over the wet paint with the light tones.

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  1. very nice...looks like a beautiful warm day at the marsh!

  2. This painting transmits the feeling of the out doors. What a beautiful
    composition, use of color and brushwork!