Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At A Glance by Frances Kuta

I originally painted this model in 2006 as a beginner studying with Vanessa Lemon at Studio 2nd St. in Encinitas, Ca. They always had the best models and lighting. I didn't do a very good job back I decided to try again using the photo of this extraordinary model. I am much happier with this result and will enter this painting in the upcoming RAA Spring show....hope i get juried in :) 14" x 11" oil on Raymar canvas panel


  1. wonderful, strong, luscious brushwork. That head is painted beautifully....and with a loaded brush.....decisive strokes.... not mincing around! Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks gals ;-) she was fun to paint!!!

  3. That's my Franny-artist-cousin! I've ALWAYS loved your women! I like how the light shows her rosy cheek and the shadowed side does not.