Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red Roses oil painting by Andrew Daniel

"Red Roses" oil painting on canvas by Andrew Daniel
12" x 9" (30cm x 23cm)

When I was initially getting excited about painting as a teenager, I used to go to museums with my father in Washington D.C. and New York. I would spend time in front of the Jackson Pollacks and stare into the webs of dripped paint. I liked the depth they created and the open composition that spread across the canvas. I would fantasize about creating paintings some day that had that same effect but with recognizable subjects to look at throughout the piece.

This is one of the ideas I now revisit often as a painter. I enjoy looking deep into bushes and seeing the alien world that is created when all the branches take up the whole field of vision. Someday I might try another large panel piece along these lines, where the flowers and branches take up the viewers whole field of vision. This painting, "Red Roses" is another exploration on the theme as I try to figure out how to make the flowers more interesting through use of brush work line and contrast.

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  1. Your comments were very insightful and one of the things I most like about this kind of painting is the disregard for the edge of the canvas. No trying to fit stuff in... just paint half the flower. Nice!

  2. We love this painting. You've managed to make us feel like
    we're perceptually moving through a field of beautifully hued poppies.

    I appreciate what you said about Pollack's work. I look forward to
    viewing it again while keeping your words in mind.