Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bella with Roses oil painting by Andrew Daniel

Bella with Roses oil on wood
by Andrew Daniel 20" x 16"(51cm x 41cm)

My wife keeps taking the paintings I do of my daughter, so I decided to paint pictures of her friends instead. One theme that I have enjoyed when looking at historical paintings has been children in nature. More daughter's friend Bella graciously agreed to pose for me in our front yard by the roses.


  1. Beautiful palette and intriguing that Feels like you captured her intelligence
    and the sense that she is in transition to becoming an adult
    psychologically as well as physically.

  2. A winner all the way round. Beautiful work!

  3. Andrew...great painting! I like this value range and use of edges (a little different for you)..and painting a figure outdoors in the sun...tough to do but you pulled it off very nicely!