Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"View From Myers Flat Bridge", pastel by Ralphie Hendrix

Every time I travel up to Eureka I see this scene and want to paint it. The bridge is on Hwy 101 and is a long sweeping curve, too dangerous to walk out on to paint or take photos. So I had to be a passenger in order to get some decent photos. I tried to find a way down to the river to get more of the whole panorama but locked gates kept me out. I started this little sketch with my left hand as I was recuperating from carpel tunnel surgery on my right, and yes I’m right handed. I was surprised how my untrained hand was able to put color down in a somewhat focused manner. But then I cheated and finished it off with my right hand. It is a 5 X 7 matted and set in a cherry wood 8 X 10 frame. To bid CLICK HERE


  1. So beautiful and truthful of the majestic trees, river and natural
    stunning color harmonies of that area.

  2. Oh yes, Ralphie, you've captured it beautifully. I see that view so often and naturally I'm driving and can't get it either.

  3. You've really captured the light here, Ralphie. Wonderful!

  4. Gorgeous! Love the arc from shadow to brilliant gold, reflection below and that perfect blue above.

  5. Guess the old saying "The left hand does not know what the right had is doing", is not true.
    What a beautiful painting!