Sunday, February 26, 2012

On Top of the Dune by guest artist Jim McVicker

Back in December I painted at the Manila Dunes with Andrew Daniel,
Rick Tolley, John Crater and Stock Schlueter. The month was stunningly
beautiful and sunny. We spent many days meeting up and painting the view
we could see across the Arcata bottoms from atop a large dune. I worked on
a larger landscape, but while scouting about for another view, I looked up at
Andrew and Ricks figures set against the sky and saw what I wanted to paint.
9x12 oil on masonite


  1. boy, i like the crispness to this / against some soft edges as well .

  2. This was an impressive feet! Only took about 40 minutes I think.

    The thing I always notice is that the browns are so spot on. My pochade box, vs. Rick's, my pants, Rick's pants, the sand, grasses, and my beard, all distinctly different and perfectly describing the colors of the day!

    I watch you paint, it doesn't look like you are hurrying at all!

  3. Wonderful harmony of colors and all so crisp and clear. You totally captured a wonderful quality of light; makes me want to join you guys up on that hilltop.

  4. Thank you all for the comments. Andrew, 40 minutes, I have no idea how long it took. I was lost in that great zone we all get to visit. Jim