Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Surf at Elk's Head" by Andrew Daniel

"Surf at Elk's Head" by Andrew Daniel
oil on wood 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm)
available at my online shop

This painting is up at my show in the Arcata Marsh Interpretive center, until the end of the month.

I met up again with John Crater and we headed out to Elk's Head to paint the cliffs. The sun was out and the North wind hadn't picked up yet, which is unusual for this spot. We stayed there for about six hours, I was able to do two small studies, one of the cliffs and this one of the surf. It was a beautiful winter day, great to be out soaking in the sun while the rains subsided.


  1. Beautiful painting Andrew. I love the energy in the water and the sunlit color on the rocks!

    1. Thank you Jim and Rachel! Hard to go wrong with scenery like that to inspire!

  2. You certainly captured the raw energy of the water, and your colors are marvelous.