Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Walking to Photo Shoot" by Andrew Daniel

 "Walking to Photo Shoot" by Andrew Daniel
oil on wood 10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm)
available in my online shop
I made this painting as a fun challenge, when we got one of my wife's Boden catalogs in the mail, I was really struck by the poses, fashion and beauty of the models. Fashion photography brings these qualities to the table in a way that is hard to accomplish as a Joe Schmo Painter like my self, it would take a lot of coordination to get a lovely model in a cutting edge fashion dress on an exotic street to stay still for me for several hours... So, for fun, I ended up taking the face from one of the pages the dress design from another page and the background from yet another photograph. I thought some how that I would make an artwork that felt unique to me. In actuality I think it looks a lot like the catalog and could have appeared on any page. It was a fun exercise none the less.

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