Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Gathering Dusk" by guest artist Patricia Sennot

Patricia Sennot
"Gathering Dusk"
(Female Shoveler Duck) March, 2012
12" x 16" image on 15" x 22" paper
Monotype  (Oil based ink, Rives BFK paper)
$300. unframed
To acquire this piece please contact Patricia at
This monotype shows one of the many ducks which frequent the North Coast each winter. I enjoy watching them at Arcata Marsh, especially the Oxidation Ponds, and along Humboldt Bay in Manila.


  1. This piece has such an interesting texture, almost like wood grain. It works well with the feather textures and the water.

    The colors and texture do indeed evoke the mood of dusk!

  2. Love the colors! Beautiful.

  3. the shoveler is one of my favorite ducks. maybe you could print a male shoveler. you are a masterful duck painter.

  4. I love the way you handled the area above the duck. It creates an illusion to
    my eyes that we're seeing the evaporation process and makes the wet environment feel that much more wet.