Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ruth Farmer by RK Schlueter

oil on 10x12" panel.
I got the honor of not only meeting Ruth Farmer last Sunday but being commissioned to paint her portrait. Saturday is Ruth's birthday, she'll be 97 years young, still driving her car and walking without a cane, we talked and talked about art, politics, family and life in Eureka during the depression, her sense of humor was refreshing. It's not everyday you meet a person like Ruth and when you do, it gives you an uncommon perspective and joyful inspiration..


  1. What a fresh and stunning portrait!

  2. I enjoy looking at the two paintings side by side. Ruth as a young woman and as a woman who has aged so wonderfully. I recently received an original Ruth Farmer painting from 1941, and am trying to track down some history on it. Can anyone help?