Saturday, June 16, 2012

Buff Beauties by guest artist Jim McVicker

Terry and I have been painting our garden this month. We have four Buff Beauty roses that line our walkway. I painted this piece of a small section of the roses in one short sitting. I was struck by the light, color and shapes.  12x9 oil on paper


  1. A wonderful painting that really captures the nuance of Buff Beauty. I so clearly remember you picking out these plants, getting the wrong ones, then, finally the right ones and then years of wonderful paintings of those Buff Beauties. Thanks for posting, Terry.

  2. Nice !
    I'm working on the same subject matter, who can resist roses in bloom? The challenge for me is portraying that active surface in the shallow space of the leaves...

  3. Sheesh! You knew I'd like this one, didn't you!