Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yellow Rose Red by Theresa Oats

The lushest rose I've had the pleasure to paint is the Westerland.  They grow up the side of our studio building, becoming floppier every day.  I clipped this blossom and painted it from life in my studio with oils on a prepared panel measuring 5x7 inches.
I plan to ask for help to figure out how to place it on e-bay tomorrow,  Sunday June 10
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  1. It's lovely Terry! How much?
    ~ Tamara McFarland (your old neighbor across the field in Loleta, now relocated to Bayside)

  2. Hi Tamara! Great hearing from you! I left a message on your e-mail.
    If I don't receive an e-mail from you I'll post it tomorrow on e-bay with a 99 dollar minimum bid.
    Thank you for inquiring and hope this finds you guys doing very well!

  3. What a wonderful portrait of Westerland.