Sunday, July 1, 2012

'Rose with Buds' by Theresa Oats

Our Westerland rose bush is blossoming profusely.  The array of colors in a single rose can vary from yellow to pink to red orange to cool red in luminous transitions.   I painted this single blossom - with 3 buds- in my studio in natural light with oils on a 7x5 inch wood panel.  It is signed on the lower left side.
We purchased our Westerland rose bush at Fickle Hill Old Rose Nursery in Arcata Ca.
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  1. Wow! you wonderfully captured the translucent transparency of the petals with the way you articulated the light.

  2. all the above and the buds in shadow are outrageous!

  3. I just love it.

    nancy lawrence

  4. Hi Tamara! Yes, it is for sale, I connected it to 'e-bay' on Sunday.
    The 'Click Here' to Bid is with the text under the painting, on the lower left hand side.
    Thank you for your interest!

  5. Thank you for your comments everybody! And thank you for the comments on last week's - Full Moon in March.

  6. Westerland through your eyes and via your amazing skill as a painter transforms into a work of art that transcends what most often is a quick admiring look at a great plant. Between your Westerlands and Jim's Buff Beauty paintings...those roses will live forever.