Monday, October 15, 2012

'JIMI' By Steve Porter

I got a request to post this even though this is lost coast daily painters .  I guess today it's Lost Coast Daily Artists. This is a metal sculpture of Jimi hendrix that i am working on. I am using old silverware pounded out and then welded for the shapes.  It will be full body with guitar maybe four feet tall. There are musical instrument parts mixed in. His upper lip is a bass tuner. His black jacket will be ebony fretboard material and who knows what .. Iet me know if anyone has broken metal musical instruments parts , horns , knobs, cello or violin fretboards. anything.  I need a vast inventory of shapes for fingers, ears, etc to choose from .. very time consuming . thanks


  1. amazing, Steve.....You're a man of many talents!

  2. Thanks alicia, it has been hard correcting facial features in metal. I wish i could just paint the changes.

  3. This is looking great Steve. Can't wait to see it in person.
    Jim and Terry