Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kara Knitting by Andrew Daniel

"Kara Knitting" by Andrew Daniel
17" x 10" (43cm x 25cm)
available in my online shop

Kara came to our group to pose a couple months ago. We were surprised and happy to see she was anticipating the birth of her first child. We had planned to pose her as if she was with her knitting, with the anticipation of her future to come, I thought it would be nice to have her looking off as if imagining the future...


  1. Daniel,
    I have been enjoying your figure/portrait paintings. I especially like your compositions including the interior settings/backgrounds.

  2. What beautiful color and tones. The birdhouse and birds in the background even look natural and are interesting to see as an almost secondary subject yet absolutely comfortable with the composition.

  3. Very striking painting Andrew, good work.

  4. Thanks William, Terry, and Jim! This is the kind of work that is really interesting me these days!