Sunday, December 2, 2012

Portrait of the Artist Andrew Daniel by Jim McVicker

Andrew sat for Terry and I this year. He brought in several of his paintings which I arranged on the wall behind him. It was a delight to paint him as well as get to know each other better. The three of us spent several sittings together.
oil on linen  48x36


  1. It's such a pleasure to now and then "meet" the artists behind the brush. Thanks to all of you for allowing this portrait to materialize!


  2. It was an honor to sit for the two of you! I learned so much from watching the process evolve and talking shop with you guys! Most fun I've had sitting around doing nothing!

    I talked with the computer store and they said they can help to get the video camera to work with my new computer so hopefully I can finally edit the miles of footage I took of the painting and post a video of the portraits process...