Sunday, January 27, 2013

Amaryllis, Pansies and Orchid by Jim McVicker

I first painted this back in 2006 as a still life with Amaryllis.
It also had the small blue vase sitting on the table. The painting
 spent a couple of years at a gallery. When I brought the painting back
to my studio I realized it did not work. So, I re-worked it with the
elements as they were and only became more discouraged. That's when
I added several other flowers and objects and pushed the painting into
another direction. I was either going to make it work or destroy it.
I think it became a very interesting painting that now works. It will
 be on display along with two other small still life paintings at the
Sewell Gallery in Eureka for the month of February. Arts Alive
is Saturday Feb. 2nd. 6 to 9pm  16x12 oil on linen