Saturday, January 5, 2013

'January 3, 2013' by Jim McVicker

This was painted from the deck of our studio's. I'm looking south
across our property toward our neighbors home. Our donkey, Henry,
at one point was standing within my view. I started to paint him, but
he moved and the sheep walked into the picture. He stood still just
long enough to paint him in and then wandered the pasture. He was not
feeling well and died that night. We think he was close to 13 years old
and we called him Sheepster.  I buried him in the pasture.
12x12 oil oil on panel


  1. Rest in peace sweet Henry! We always used to love to hear him bray from across the way. Take care Jim & Terry.
    ~ Tamara (old neighbor)

    1. Hi Tamara, Henery is still with us. It was our sheep, Sheepster, that died. He will rest in peace, while Henry still brays whenever he wants food. Jim

  2. Oops, I misunderstood! Well, rest in peace Sheepster then...

    Was Henry in the pasture closer to our house some years ago? Maybe back when the Bommers lived there?

  3. Sorry about Sheepster but aside from that it's a very nice painting. Wonderful sense of air and distance beyond the fence.

  4. The light is so wonderful in this painting. Sorry about your sheepster.