Saturday, March 30, 2013

'Waiting' by Jim McVicker

This is a recent interior still life painting I painted in the fall
of last year. It's a painting that evolved over time with many
changes as I worked. What you see in this finished painting
is not how the original design started. I like it when a painting
has a mind of it's own at times, with surprises, ups and downs
and in the end, being able to make it work. Painting isn't
something we figure out and then just follow the steps to success.
 It is just like life.  Oil on linen 18x16


  1. If it was just following steps, then there would be no growth. To grow we must take chances and make mistakes.

  2. If anyone can make a painting work it's you. Your show at Sewell Gallery was so impressive, a true celebration of this land and the light that makes it Humboldt county. Bravo Maestro!