Monday, April 22, 2013

'The Wet Sand' By Steve Porter

I decided to leave the sky white so that the blue reflection of it in the water really stood out.
I seldom paint what is exactly there so i can push certain aspects to make an impact. This watercolor is 11"x15"


  1. Wow! Masterful textures and shadows! Way harder to do in WC than oils.

  2. Thanks rick, Yea, I have trashed many watercolors and its still hard to get it right.

  3. The extreme tonal range really gives the rocks substance and depth!

  4. Many times a beautiful watercolor will 'DIE' right in front of me as it dries two or three shades lighter. So I try and hit it the first time with as rich and dark as i can on damp paper, then come back and do the same again. Then the other lighter values fall into place. Even that doesnt always work .. a crazy medium