Saturday, May 4, 2013

'Party Rose' by Theresa Oats

I brought this rose into my studio, set it under the skylight and noticed what a cheerful demeanor
it had.  After the deep red background was dry, the rose seemed to call for  a celebratory addition
so I added the bright orange-red confetti.  Painted from life on a 5x7 inch wood panel with oils.
This painting and others will be displayed at my show at the Sewell Gallery which opened on Wednesday and with an Arts Alive Reception this evening.


  1. Terry, what you do with the red family is simply outrageous! Your roses are eye candy and lift spirits.

  2. good luck tonight. looking forward to seeing your show

  3. This is so dramatic, love your designs!

  4. Terry Oats, Rose Psychologist Extraordinaire!!! I love how you reveal the distinct personalities in your rose portraits!! You do inspire!