Saturday, June 22, 2013

'Changing Skies' by Jim McVicker

Steve Porter sent me  a link to the work of the contemporary English painter Fred Cuming. I had seen his work a couple of years ago and particularly liked his on location paintings and the skies he painted. It inspired me at the time to focus on the sky and once again with the great skies we have been having I was moved to paint what I saw out the studio door. This was painted in about an hour and a half using mostly a large cheap brush that I fondly call my Otto brush. He was the first artist I saw painting with this buck fifty brush from the hardware store.  14x18 oil on panel


  1. Wow , very painterly . I like how fred cuming keeps it simple an thinks before he make a paint stroke... those last strokes seem to sit on top of the painting and really stand out from whats under them

  2. Beautiful sky with those illusive transparent passages so often overlooked. Guess I better get me one of those 'Otto Brushes.' Thanks for the tip on Fred Cuming. (thought I knew all the contemporary British artist)

  3. Otto would be proud! Very exciting work!