Wednesday, July 2, 2014

'Bridge' by Stock Schlueter

Went All over the bay the other morning, I wanted to paint a boat that is out of the water down by the balloon track but could not get it lined up with the background that I wanted. It is possible but I would have to be inside the fence. I could just get a peek of what I wanted. I went to the Warfinger building to ask permission but they said no to staying long enough to paint it en plein air. They did say they would let me in to photo it sometime... Then I noticed an old ship moored in the channel by Samoa, I drove out to get a look at it. It was just anchored by the bow so it was turning with the tide and I could not get right. So back over the bridge to an old haunt, I wanted to do something with the haze of this warm morning and I have always liked this old bridge.

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