Wednesday, September 10, 2014

'Girl with Luscious Corn Crop, oil by RK Schlueter

Oil on 8" canvas.
The most curent from my new series 'Free-Range Figmentum,
I'm excited about making things up. It just gives me a giggle. The whole farm idea is no accident, I've been visiting my friend Lizzie's amazing permaculture ranch for over a year now, photographing and painting. Taking it all in and getting inspired. And not that I have to make things up, there's plenty that's real to go on. There's so much potential for imagination, everywhere I look, a story is unfolding, new animals being born and new people gathering, the season turning, it's constant! I haven't been this excited since the hogs ate grandma...but really, the farm is a funny place, have you ever watched animals mingle and range freely? Maybe it's just me getting old-er, and finding simple pleasures to be a real hoot. My exhibit hangs in October for one month at Sewell Gallery of Fine Art in Eureka. The reception is the first Saturday, Arts Alive! 6-9pm, I hope to see you!