Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Bay Tanks" by Andrew Daniel

"Bay Tanks" by Andrew Daniel
8" x 10" (20cm 25cm) oil on wood panel
 available through First Street Gallery

I met with Leo Stafsness, on a heavily overcast day to paint the bay, a few weeks ago. We talked shop a bit and then got down to work. Both of us kept it small, due to time constraints. I thought I'd give the white tanks across the bay their 15 minutes of fame. The repeated cylinders always grab my eye...

This piece is part of a show dedicated to the theme of the Humboldt Bay at the First Street Gallery in October/November. Some of our Lost Coast Daily Painters will be represented in the show. Besides myself, there will be bay landscapes from Stock Schlueter, Kathy O'Leary and Mimi Laplant in the back gallery. In the front Gallery Cindy Hooper has 6 video installations and Mary Mallahan has a large scale ceramic model of the bay.

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