Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tiny Marsh Wren by Andrew Daniel

"Tiny Marsh Wren" by Andrew Daniel
Oil on wood 3.5" x 3.5" 
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The cotton candy business died... Long live the artist entrepreneur! 

I've now made enough unsuccessful cotton candy batches that my family has asked me to stop. The organic flavors didn't work at all and the comercial grade machine was way to slow to consider building a business around. At this point, I've realized that I'm relieved to be focusing on my art again. I'm just gonna have to find another occcasionto wear my newly tailored hot pink tuxedo. Art openings?

Meanwhile, as an attempt to make it possible for local folk to afford a piece of my art, I'm doing a series of small to tiny paintings. Northcoast Open Studios is coming up in June and I thought it would be good to get at least 50 of them done.

This little marsh wren was one of my initial paintings in the series. I really enjoy getting involved in all the fluffy textures of the feathers, as well as the tiny birdish expressions. This little guy has a huge personality!

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