Monday, November 6, 2017

Flowers and Branches #1 by Andrew Daniel

I have been exploring different ways of abstracting nature lately. Trying to find my happy place. Today I have made some real inroads! It started with a foreboding feeling that my artistic crisis was not over, but instead really setting in. I wanted to paint but didn't really have any ideas that pulled me. I got out a neon red painting that had been responding to a photo of a St. John's Wart bush and started covering up the red and just playing with the natural rectangular shapes coming off my flat brush but still looking at the bush photo for ideas. This painting emerged and it felt really great doing it. It had been a long time since I had painted non-objectively/abstractly. It was like putting on an old favorite hoody that has been hanging out in the back of the closet unnoticed!

"Flowers and Branches" 14" x 10" hand painted original with Acrylic paint on rag paper 

Comes with mat board

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