Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov 2009 Press Release: Lost Coast Daily Painters Release 2010 Calendar, Host Holiday Sale

Last spring, a group of Humboldt County painters joined together to sell small works online through their blog, Lost Coast Daily Painters. The effort proved more successful than they could have imagined: collectively, they’ve sold over 150 paintings in six months. The group continues to attract new members: painters Alicia Tredway, Terry Oats, and Steve Porter have joined this month. Now they’re celebrating with the release of a 2010 calendar of Humboldt County scenes, and a holiday sale at Kathy O’Leary’s studio at 208 C Street in Eureka on December 5 for Arts Alive.

The calendar features paintings by O’Leary, Linda Mitchell, Rachel Schlueter, and Amy Stewart. Scenes include Indian Island, the Ferndale racetrack, and the AA bar. Some of the images are already part of Humboldt’s past. “As we were putting it together, we realized that already some of the places we painted had changed,” Mitchell said. “I went to O-H’s the night it closed to get one last painting. We also included Rachel’s painting of Gepetto’s in Eureka, and Amy’s painting of the pulp mill when it was still operating.”

In keeping with the artists’ use of technology to sell art online, the calendars can be ordered online through Zazzle.com. “The nice thing about Zazzle is that it lets us design a high-quality calendar without having to invest thousands of dollars in up-front printing costs,” said Schlueter. “We’re also designing notecards and even T-shirts, all of which are printed only when someone orders them. None of this was possible even a few years ago.”

Samples of the calendars will be on display at the Lost Coast Daily Painters Holiday Sale at Kathy O’Leary’s C Street studio, where the artists will also offer small paintings for sale at affordable prices. “We’re even offering gift wrapping and shipping,” O’Leary said. “We want to make it very easy to get some holiday shopping done.” The sale starts at 5 pm on Saturday, December 5 and continues throughout the evening for Arts Alive.

Visit lostcoastdailypainters.blogspot.com to see new work by each artist, and visit the Zazzle store at www.zazzle.com/lostcoast.


  1. I ordered some Zazzle notecards of the paintings I have purchased from LCDP and I'm really pleased with them! The printing, the cardstock, and the packaging were all top-notch!