Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sensual Rose by Theresa Oats

Five years ago my husband took me to Fickle Hill
Old Rose Nursery in Arcata to pick out a gift for Mother's Day. At that time, the plant stood about
a foot tall. It's now easily 8 or 9 feet tall growing
up the side wall of our studio. The blossoms are large
with soft curvy petals ranging in colors of light pink,to coral to red. It's the most sensuous rose I've ever seen.

I painted this with wet into wet oil paint on a 7x5 inch
pre-gessoed panel.


  1. wow, beautiful! as close as one can come to the real thing.

  2. what colors - and how softly they arise in rose form - i esp like the way you've done the highlights! thank you for sharing this!

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