Friday, July 16, 2010

The Shanty, oil by RK Schlueter

Oil on 10x12" panel, painted alla prima. The Shanty is located on 3rd and C in old town Eureka on California's lost coast, this dive bar has been around for a long long time, it's a favorite with locals, has a rich history and they make one of the best Bloody Marys in town!
I love the sign too.
Thanks for visiting~Cheers!


  1. cool painting, love the chrome on the bumpers...

  2. Oh I love Shanty paintings! That's great one! You should post it on Facebook and I'll press share so lots of people can see it. Or send me a picture of it and I'll do it.

  3. wow - the color! i really like the reflections of the sign on the car!

  4. Thank you all for comments, The painting would be nothing without that bumper, Steve.

  5. What a great painting. It feels "iconic". A little master piece.