Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunlit Roses on Brown Wall

These roses grow near the side of our
studio building. As the sun travels west
the wall darkens and the translucent rose
petals glow as they capture the last rays
of the moving sun.

I painted this in the afternoon on location with wet into wet oil paint on a pre-gessoed
white panel.
The size is 16x12


  1. Gorgeous Terry. I love the translucent quality and color of the petals.

  2. I love how the bloom changes as the light does the same. I am guessing that is Westerland....otherwise known as Westerland the Magnificent...especially as seen through Terry's eyes with a little help from her paintbrush.

  3. I love this, Terry! Gorgeous, rich colors -

  4. lovely - how they arise from the darkness (esp the little guy in the upper right) - and the way you've used color to express form - thank you for sharing this!

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