Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Deity of Generous Breasts" by Theresa Oats

A woman who modeled for our "figure painting and drawing group" decided to meditate while
posing. She appeared at ease in her concentrated mental state. Blue energy came to my mind's
This is painted on a pre-primed 12''x16'' canvas board with oil paint. The minimum bid is 250.
If you are interested in bidding click here


  1. This painting i very three dimensional . The cool colors against the body tones is very nice ...

  2. love how you merged the physical form with the abstract background. makes me want to meditate.

  3. what a beautiful painting...for some reason it reminds me of Guam 1950' uncle was stationed there as a U.S. Navy captain...he always had these beautiful pieces of art from there...

  4. Beautiful work. I've seen this painting in person, and the photo just doesn't do the piece justice. This is an excellent example of the Artists' concept and technical execution coming together, while leaving space and facilitating much large things to come through beyond any conscious intent. Great comments above. Love the title! VERY generous indeed!