Saturday, January 1, 2011

American Beauty by Theresa Oats

Lauria posed a couple of days a week over a period of weeks. She has her own business,
is computer savvy and like Annie, impeccably reliable. The last 2 days of her sitting,
the weather was cold, wet and windy. While painting her on a friend's patio I offered her the
option of putting on a coat. She continued posing as the coat merely covered the bottom of
her arms insisting "the cold isn't too bad". Considering I was pretty miserable myself
while dressed in multiple layers,
I am still in awe of her rugged commitment.
What I like best about this portrait is not only does it show Lauria's physical beauty, but
her sensitivity and intelligence as well.


  1. This is truly lovely. I'm in awe of your skills with painting portraits and the dedication involved with both you and Lauria. Not for the faint of heart!

  2. What a beautiful painting!!!! I love how you captured her expression..the slight smile.

  3. You have really done a beautiful painting terry !