Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garden Sculpture by Theresa Oats

I painted this on location at this year's annual event called "ART in the GARDEN' put on by the
Redwood Art Association . Each year the association finds a beautiful place where
the general public doesn't usually have access to and invites artists to paint.
For a reasonable ticket price visitors are treated to beverages, tasty foods and the privilege to wander around the grounds of lovely gardens, socialize and view artists at work.
All the proceeds go to a fund being raised to purchase a gallery space for the RAA to
exhibit art.
The next time I post will be September 24th. An artist new to LCDP will post her
work on Saturdays until then. Her name is Jane Morace. Welcome Jane !


  1. very beautiful, Terry.....certainly tell you've had loads of life drawing.