Thursday, August 4, 2011

"THE MIGHTY OAK-TEJON RANCH", oil paintng by Kathy O'Leary

While painting with the California Art Club in So. California last year I ran across this amazing giant. I pay attention to oak trees where ever I go but I had never seen anything like the "heritage" oak. I was told it is a Blue Oak. It looked like a giant, perfectly manicured bonsai. It was definitely an oak grandfather-huge old branches, supported by the ground, putting out vibrant green leaves like the rest of the tree. I took several photographs of it. This is more a portrait than a landscape. It measures 8 x 10, on linen panel. SOLD

This is my last regular contribution to Lost Coast Daily Painter's Blog. I've been with it nearly 3 years and now I find my plate is very full and I need to create some space where I have time to play, and explore some new ideas with my medium.

I have really enjoyed working with this group of serious and wonderfully creative artists. Like our art community in general here on the north coast, everyone as been supportive and encouraging. Thank you and I wish you all success. I will continue to keep up with your daily posts.

THANK YOU to all of those who have followed my work and purchased my paintings through this blog over the years. It has helped sustain me on several levels. Anyone interested in keeping up with what I'm up to with my work, exhibitions, galleries, etc, you can subscribe to my e-mail updates by clicking this link to my personal blog:
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  1. Kathy, This is a wonderful farewell painting and nobody paints oaks with more heart and soul than you. Plain and simple..... I can't stand it that you're leaving the blog but I know excitement in your new ventures lies just ahead.

  2. I will miss your postings. It's something that I look forward to and enjoy every morning as I start my work day.

  3. So long Kathy! Good luck with all of your pursuits. It has been a pleasure to see your work every week, I will continue to follow you through your personal blog! You will be missed here!

  4. Thank you Kathy, for being with the blog for so long and handling so much of the inner workings. I'll sure miss viewing your work here.