Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Olompali Lilies", original pastel by Ralphie Hendrix

Between Novato and Petaluma going south on 101, is a small charming state park. Unfortunately you can only get there driving south. No access northbound. We stop there every time we go down to the city as it's perfect. A transition from country to city where we can stretch our legs, look at the amazing view down to the bay and use the facilities. We're going to miss it when the state closes it next year because of budget cuts. In the creek bed, the lilies have sprung up all along the creek bed. In the spring when they bloom amongst the boulders of the creek which is normally dry, they're just grand meandering down the bed. It is matted and set in a 7 X 5 cherry wood frame. To bid CLICK HERE.

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