Saturday, November 12, 2011

'Jim' by Theresa Oats

My husband Jim is the love of my life and a subject for painting I never tire of. Jim is
sitting by the window in my previous studio, wearing a sweater I gave him for Christmas.
His ear is not actually pierced. He described
an interesting dream that occurred to him in the night, a wonderful and spiritual
dream. One of the details was a cobalt blue earring in his left ear.
I painted on 18x14 inch stretched linen with oils over a stretch of winter days in 1995.
It's not for sale but wanted to show it to you.


  1. lovely Terry, and your love shines through.

  2. Beautiful, Terry. What a treat to behold!

  3. beautiful tender work...nice strong head

  4. it shines, love the cobalt stud too. Thank you for posting it Terry!

  5. This is a great portrait of Jim and your love.~~~ Jane

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments!