Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tigers for Auction!

Oil on 9"x9"masonite panel. "Tiger's Path" by Rachel K Schlueter is one of the many paintings up for auction now, Regina Case and the Hall Gallery are hosting a huge fundraiser for Panthera.
Thursday April 5th and Friday 6th 12-6:00pm and Saturday 12-8:30 in conjunction with Arts Alive! Bids may be made by email or in-person. Over 37 artists will be participating in the fundraiser.
For more info. please visit: Art Helps the Planet
The Hall Gallery is located at 208 C ST. in Old town Eureka.


  1. Your collection of tigers on the Artfortheplanet site show such a range of insight from beauty, to majesty to ferocity! In this one, I feel the tremendous wait and power in the tigers body, completely focused and ready to strike!

  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for your thoughtful comments, I'm enjoying your work very much!