Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Painting Sardine Lake" by Jim McVicker

Terry and I just spent three days with friends in the Sierra's this past week. Everyone was painting, the weather was perfect and the landscape stunning. I painted this piece the afternoon we arrived. I had walked around parts of the lake looking for a design to set me in motion. When I returned to the car to gather up my equipment I saw Linda Wise painting the scene. I couldn't resist.
oil on panel 12x12


  1. This painting has a wonderful plein air feel to it. Loose with just the right description. Love the brush strokes.

  2. Good one.!You have painted so many artists painting It would be nice to do a page on your website of some of those paintings.

  3. Thanks Eva Marie and Steve. That a great idea Steve. I think I may do a page of artists painting. Jim