Sunday, October 7, 2012

'Sardine Lake at the Sierras' by Theresa Oats

My husband and I joined a group of painter friends and traveled to the Sierras for 2-3 days of painting in the mountains.  We painted 'plein air' all day until early evening.  The air was crisp and the colors of the natural world around us were pure and intense.
I painted these mountains first thing in the mornings at Sardine Lake.   Lots of bird life moved between the trees off in the distance and chipmunks scurried around us as we painted along the shoreline.
Eventually I will frame this piece and show it at a local venue.
Oil on a 12x16 inch prepared panel.


  1. Terry, this is an amazingly vibrant painting...really captures the crisp clear intensity of the autumn view.

  2. I LOVE this painting, Terry. Really love it. You've captured the essence of the high country in the autumn. Thanks for pursuing painting - it's a joy to see and a gift to share.